How is it that a transport company is the calling card of the country?

Just imagine, a Western businessman arrives at Boryspil Airport, having extensive plans to establish a successful business and the desire to give the country and its residents an opportunity to improve their lives. He goes through passport control, strolls through the airport hall, goes to the parking lot in search of transport and faces THIS. Unprofessional drivers in shabby cars, charging exorbitant prices for a ride. At the same time, there is no point in expecting politeness, gallantry, attention for the passenger. All this is just not about them. And not here. And this is the first impression that Ukraine makes. What do you think, which would it be?

Imagine that a foreigner should not only take such a driver to get to the city, but also to visit planned business meetings. And so the excitement of future success of the businessman is replaced by indignation. He puts his expensive suitcase into a dusty trunk, where next to his things lies a lot of strange and incomprehensible stuff. And there is no certainty that things, however, like the passenger himself, will get to the destination in one piece and unharmed. But we know that this could be so different!

There is service, you just have to look for it

If the welcoming side cared for their dear guest and booked a transfer to the airport, then the situation would be drastically different. Imagine a driver in a suit and with a name plate meets his passenger in the airport building, leads him to a new and clean car, helps him to the passenger compartment, with luggage and offers bottled water as refreshment.

Of course, the price of such a ride is much higher. But after all, service is not only an opportunity to “pay off” gasoline. It is also a nice and neatly dressed driver, who knows the rules of etiquette. The car is clean, both inside and outside, with no strange smells inside it. And also classical music, discreet company, the smooth running of modern and technically sound transport. Are you sure that there is no such thing? Well, there is! And while earlier you believed that it is quite difficult to find world-class services in Ukraine, especially in the field of transportation. Then we suggest that you consider cooperation with the Drive Force Transportation Company. We were able to arrange an excellent service and we're very proud of it. After all, it is still the real “calling card” of the country. Moreover, we use it a lot ourselves. Like many Ukrainians, we like going on holidays to distant countries, and we also have corporate tours and, occasionally, weddings. And in each of these cases we, without any hesitation, place an order in our own company and receive not only good transport, but also polite, experienced drivers.

We like what we do and we already offer our services not only to meet Ukrainian guests, but foreign ones too. And their positive feedback on cooperation is direct proof that we cope perfectly with our task – to create the most favorable impression about Ukraine and to show its unlimited potential.

Would you like to become our client and to feel all the advantages of an advance transfer order in Ukraine? Send us your application to, and we will select the vehicle and driver according to your request.

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