Driver and knowledge of English. Realities in Ukraine.

The thing is that the knowledge of English has always been a distinct advantage for building a career in Ukraine. Therefore, all young people with a good command of English were (and are) eager to be the managers of companies, and, preferably, to work in the offices. The knowledge of English has always helped to build a career in Ukrainian, and especially in international companies. Traditionally, drivers were the people with no knowledge of English and career ambitions, and even now few of them consider this a prerequisite for good work. That is why the average driver of Ukrainian transport company, and much less of a taxi, is hardly expected to have a good command of English. Therefore, if you travel to Ukraine, it will not be out of place to stock up with a phrase book, as well as with certain written information for driver. For example, the address and name of the hotel and of some other places where he has to take you.

Drive Force works to improve the drivers' command of English through corporate English training. However, we're not sure you'll manage to discuss any political issues with a driver. And do not expect he'll guide you in your English-language sight-seeing tour. For these purposes, we suggest you to use guide interpreting provided by Drive Force specialists.

However, if during your trip the misunderstanding between you and the driver took place as a result of the language barrier, please inform your manager immediately by e-mail or call, so he could help to resolve all the raised issues. Our managers are fluent in English. We'll not leave our clients without support in a new city or country.

And do you care about the driver's level of English? What are your requirements to him, and do your expectations correspond to reality? Share with us in the comments section.

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